Are Pumpkin Seeds Good For You?


Are you wondering if pumpkin seeds are good for you? Pumpkin seeds can be cheap and an excellent snack, but what is the nutritional value? You might be surprised to know that pumpkin seeds are very beneficial to your health, it contains many vitamins and minerals. Research shows that pumpkin seeds might be used to even treat mild depression and anxieties! Apart from that, here’s the actual nutritional values per 100 g of unsalted seeds: 446 Calories, 53,5g Carbs, 18,5g Protein, 18g Fiber. As you can see – pumpkin seeds contains a lot of useful nutrients. Also, it contains around 3mcg of Vitamin A, 3mg of Iron, 55mg of Calcium, 262mg of Magnesium, 92mg of Phosphorus, and 919mg of Potassium.

There has been some research done on the health benefits of pumpkin seeds and it shows that it’s really good for prostate health, kidneys, and intestines. Linolenic Acid is also found in the seeds, it helps to prevent some artery diseases. Just like most of the seeds and nuts, pumpkin seeds are really good for you. Although, the goodness can be quickly destroyed if you prepare your seeds poorly. The more you interfere with the natural seeds the more vitamins and minerals it losses (for example, if you over-roast them). The best way to make sure the seeds are health and tasty is follow the roasting recipes (can be found on this website). For example, one of the ways to destroy the health benefits is to add too much salt, which will result in too much sodium and can stop being healthy if you eat too much of them. The best way is to mildly roast the seeds with very little salt. I would suggest to add other ingredients instead of salt, you can try adding lemon juice, paprika, black pepper, or anything else you like.


What To Do With Pumpkin Seeds?

There are plenty of things you can with pumpkin seeds, once you’ve carved the pumpkin, never throw out the seeds! Pumpkin seeds offers plenty of nutritional benefits, as well as being an excellent snack! You can be as creative as you like. Have you ever thought about using pumpkin seeds to make sauce? garnish soups and salads? Pumpkin seeds can even be used to enhance the flavor and looks of dessers and baked goods, such as cakes and muffins. One of the most popular things you can with pumpkin seeds is to roast or bake them.  Similar to popcorn, pumpkin seeds can be used as a healthy snack as long as you don’t add too much salt.

You can find plenty of things to do with pumpkin seeds on our website, so feel free to browse! from activities to recipes.


Once the seeds are clean, you should sprinkle some salt on them, depending on your taste, you might want to add a couple tea spoons of butter. If have a more exotic taste, try adding black pepper and/or paprika. You can be as creative as you like.

Place some olive or vegetable oil into the baking tray, pre-heat the oven to 300 Fahrenheit (or 150 Celsius), place the baking tray with the seeds into the oven and bake until golden brown or for around 25 minutes, stir every 5 minutes.

Alternatively, if you’ve decided to make salted pumpkin seeds in the frying pan, put some vegetable or olive oil into the frying pan, place the seeds and fry until golden brown, stirring ocassionaly. Now, you would have got to know that pumpkin seeds are good for you.


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